2014-05-28 A rainy day, but still we decided to stay inside to finish the game. Mr. Finländ  got the video game working, but the game play was so difficult that only he could play it. He insisted, that it was easy and Gosai Mastah insisted, that he had seen the ghost in the lavatory. No one went to check, because it was a lavatory. Then it begun to rain. Again.

2014-05-24 The photo shoot was a success! Some weird Polish children broke the camera before we could even start, and then Gosai Master came with four cases of Dom Pérignon and some models which resulted in a full-out party and no one even remembered we were supposed to take some pictures. Mr. Finland promised to to do the whole thing in 3D in the morning, so I guess we can get away with this. Lifestyle.

2014-05-23 Today is the day for the video game photo shoot. We have not been practicing, as we are extremely good already. The photo shoot will take place in Finland, but Whiteboy promised to participate via Skype as he is in India at the moment. He might not understand the concept of photo shoot very well, but he is an excellent producer.

2014-05-18 The party at the hotel went a bit overboard. No one still knows where Whiteboy is, but eventually he’ll turn up — he always does. Gosai Mastah had to acquire the whole hotel chain as a gesture of good will before the manager calmed down. Rastaman promised to return the daughter of the owner and some couches later on and everyone was happy.

2014-05-15 Everyone else were in Japan for a photoshoot as agreed except for Rastaman, who later on told he woke up from Stockholm. He sounded happy, though. Thank god for photoshop!

2014-05-14 Gosai Mastah called today and said that he had champagne in his eye. Boy did we laugh! Otherwise a normal day: studios, limos, girls and honey.

2014-05-13 Did the voicebox samples with Lindeman today. Damn, he’s a guru! Gosai Mastah was rigging an election in some third-world country so he was unavailable. Wonder what’s his job like. Voicebox samples turned out to be great,

so the track “All the Japanese Girls Go: ‘Uuuh!'” is probably going to be finished tomorrow. A great day for Finnish Japanese relationships!

2014-05-12 Tested the first track on kids all weekend. 0,3-year target group seemed to have laxative response which was deemed encouraging. 1,4-year target group started bouncing and yelling wildly. 7-years-and-older target group demanded more after the initial test play and ended up wanting to replay the track more than twelve times. After hearing that there would be no replays certain individuals showed signs of violence, so we’ll probably tune down the chorus just to be on the sure side, as the world situation is what it is right now. Be that as it may, gentlemen, I think we have a hit in our hands!

2014-05-09 Mr. Whiteboy is missing in action. Mr. Finländ decided that GS tracks will be only published in video games. This poses a challenge, as we don’t have any GS video games as of now. Started working on video games. Mr. Finländ also published the website. We don’t know where he got it from.

2014-05-08 Mostly studio work but went for a couple of champagnes and maybe some oysters, but not sure about the oysters because it was already very late. Possible contact with the Ghost, but no evidence on tape, again.

2014-05-01 The first track “All the Japanese Girls Go: ‘Uuuh!'” is beginning to be ready. Finishing it and starting on the next track called “Gaijin Superheroes”. If only one would know more Japanese words.

2013-01-01 Finished the album cover. It features only Mr. Whiteboy and Rastaman, as there are no recognizable photographs of Gosai Mastah or Mr. Finländ. Got the kanjis and kataganas from google, hopefully they mean something. Damn we miss Japan!