Mr. Whiteboy

Mr. Whiteboy is a multi-million-record-selling super producer and part time DJ. He’s responsible for the incredibly rich Japanese sound universe of the band. Scratching, mixing, dancing and partying are his specialities.



Rastaman is a business-styled international lover with ladies waiting in multiple airports. His Japanese vocals and lyrics are hindered only by the fact that he cannot speak Japanese at all. Rastaman is your choice if you like dancing on tables with multiple champagne bottles on your hands.


Gosai Mastah

Gosai Mastah is a singer with a voice of an angel and ethics of a rabbit. Often seen taking his own private jet he’s rumored to have been one of the great ocean warriors and commercial mentalists with psychic reading hit rate well above 50%. Beyond successful choir career he has transformed into an international punk rocker/pop singer. He practices mystic rose meditation and champagne could be his middle name.


Mr. Finländ

Mr. Finländ is an infamous IT specialist hired for the extensive data and IT related needs that a band with video games as a publishing media might have. No one seems to know very much about his past – he’s a well-known mystery in Finland. It is said that it is very seldom when champagne is not flowing when Mr. Finländ is around.