Q: What is Gaijin Superheroes?
A: It is a Finnish pro-Japanese pop group starring DJ/Producer Whiteboy, Rapper/Lyricist Rastaman and Singer/Songwriter Gosai Mastah. Mr. Finländ is responsible for data aspects of the group. The group produces Japanese pop music but is based firmly in Finland.

Q: What is wrong with the Gaijin Superheroes?
A: Nothing, we were born this way.

Q: Where can I buy Gaijin Superheroes records?
A: You cannot, as we only publicize our tracks as video games.

Q: Where can I buy Gaijin Superheroes video games?
A: We have no idea.

Q: Which one is the cutest Gaijin Superhero?
A: We are all very cute and want your attention. Please take care of us!

Q: Why are you making Japanese material, if you don’t speak Japanese?
A: An excellent question. We do, however, like Japanese girls.

Q: Does it make any sense to be based in Finland if you have a huge fan base in Japan?
A: We have been thinking about the same same thing, but slowly.

Q: You are rumored to be vegans, is this true?
A: Hell no, we love animals!

Q: Why are you always wearing sunglasses?
A: We are constantly very jet-lagged as we often have to travel between Finland and Japan. Even if we are not traveling it is good to protect ones eyes from the sun.

Q: Can I get your autograph?
A: Yes, when we are in Japan next time we’ll let you know. Thanks and kisses!